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Emergency Survival Gear and Kits

  • Emergency Survival Bottle
    Emergency Survival Bottle
    $35.00 $29.99
    Our small disaster survival bottle kit is ideal for carrying emergency survival supplies with you wherever you go. Because it is so compact and durable, it’s perfect for storing in your car, taking to your...
  • 165-Piece First Aid Kit
    165-Piece First Aid Kit
    $35.00 $29.99
    Our thorough survival first aid kit is ideal for emergency and disaster preparation. Add it to your supply of survival gear at home, put it in the trunk of your car, or store one at work. Packed in a heavy-duty canvas...
  • Essential 2-Person Survival Kit
    Essential 2-Person Survival Kit
    $92.50 $79.99
    The Essential Survival Kit from comes loaded with survival gear basics needed for making the most of any emergency situation. This portable, lightweight, durable backpack contains all the provisions essential for getting...
  • Deluxe 2-Person Survival Kit
    Deluxe 2-Person Survival Kit
    $184.50 $159.99
    It would be hard to pack more into a disaster preparation kit than we’ve fit into our two-person emergency prep pack. With everything we could think of to aid you in your preparation for a disaster, this kit includes...
  • Premium Family Survival Kit
    Premium Family Survival Kit
    $265.50 $229.99
    The Premium Family Survival Kit from Legacy Premium provides your family with the necessities and resources needed to get through a disaster.  Loaded with critical survival gear, this kit offers everything from tents,...

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